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T.N. Brookzone is a Newly Established artist, committed to working with talented artists who are passionate, ambitious, driven, and determined to succeed.

Brooklyn born native, Ty Fazo, with roots in Bridgeport, Connecticut and various other cities on the East Coast. He is the president of Independent Label ZoneOut Records.

Ty Fazo started rapping at 15 years old now going hard at 16 with his fire smash single “Top Speed Ft. Critty 3x”.

Social Media
IG: tyfaxo3x
Snapchat: tyfazobakk
Spootify: Ty Fazo

Say Datt feat. Sha Rackzz
Top Speed

Say Datt feat.Sha Rckzz
Top Speed feat. Critty 3x

My pops was in a group called the lost boys, they were really famous back in the day for their music. I grew up listening to the lost boys a lot. They are definitely one of my inspirations to make music.

I got 4 singles out now, all hits. I just dropped my first album on Jan. 11, 2021 with 10 tracks and all my new music is on all streaming platforms. I feel like I make a different type of music. I like to call it SHMUSIC which stands for (Sound Hard Music). I make music people can enjoy and vibe to. I want my music to put people in a good mood and get lit.

My achievements in life I guess you could say to be successful. I want to be able to take care of my family.  I don’t like that my family has to work every day just to live a decent life. Music wasn’t always in the picture, it just kind of came into the picture a little under a year ago and I enjoy it so I keep going, so I will keep working until I get to where I want to be at and even when I do, I’ll keep going. One thing I know is to never give up always keep going.

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