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  • I’m In My Zone Mixtape Pt.1
  • The Beginning – A. Jesus
  • Pyrex Mixtape – A. Jesus
  • Economic Destruction – Fly Guy Fly
  • Kristopher – Ohshititsxd
  • Can’t Breathe – Ohshititsxd
  • Growing Up – T.N.BrookZone
  • Say Datt Pt.1 – Ty Fazo ft. Sha Rackzz
  • Deamons – Ty Fazo
  • Obscene Dream – Ohshititsxd
  • Top Speed – Ty Fazo x Critty3X
  • D1N3RO – Ohshititsxd
  • DO THE MOST – Ohshititsxd
  • 252 STAND UP – FlyGuyFly
  • DEZZIE – A. Jesus
  • Say Datt – Ty Fazo X Sha RackZZ
  • Top Speed – Ty Fazo X Critty 3x
  • Can’t Breathe – Ohshititsxd
Newly Established, committed to working with talented artists who are passionate, ambitious, driven, and determined to succeed. Leggo ZoneOut!!!

ZoneOut Recorders, the next hot, upcoming independent New York rap label established in 2018 by Brooklyn Native, T.N. BrookZone (@mr.brookzone). While confined to a prison stint but not being flustered, putting mind over matter motivating, inspiring and determined by his passion for music, he founded the I’m In My Zone Movement (#IIMZ) and continues to release constant music by various artists.


Now with a unique and talented roster of new artists, in conjunction with LLE (Litt Lifestyle Entertainment) and The New Music Movement (TNM) its time for world to acknowledge and recognize. Artists that we have worked with in the past are: @flyguyfly, @slaughter.allen, @tazmaniac413 and @truthaveli, @timmytyler.

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